Jason pointed me to a fun toy: the NameVoyager. It’s an interesting way to navigate a data set of the most popular baby names in the U.S. over the last century.

I note based on my explorations that the opening “ur” syllable has been out of fashion (with a few “Cur-” and “Kur-” exceptions and barring the recent popularity of Uriel) for such a long time that a revival is perhaps in order. Prospective parents, I commend your attention to the names Burnell, Eura, Lura, Muriel, Murphy, Pura, and Urban.

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  1. Also Verda, Verla, Verona.
    As ever though, I still think the best source for names is family history, not just ancestors’ names, but also place names. Be careful though; fortunately, I am not named Wasco.


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