Things I Bought

…which turned out to be a good purchase:
– big laundry baskets from Ghana bought through Novica (This particular style no longer available, which makes me even more glad I got them when I did.)
– Ikea dresser set with very simple lines (Malm design)
McCroskey mattress
– black leather chair and ottoman (got ’em at Macy’s about 8 years ago, will still be using decades from now)
Netflix membership
– Spaghetti Puttanesca at Stelline on Gough St.
– Sunset Magazine in July 1989 with this great recipe for gazpacho
– iMac (Even though I only used it for two years before switching to…)
– PowerBook G4
– ZeroShock case for it from Shinza
– anodized Calphalon cookware

…which turned out not so great
MiniSync (cable tangles way too easily, company good about replacement first time, but retangled it within a very short time and am giving up on the retractable aspect. Will try taking it apart to at least have a good small cable for travel.)
– $125 down pillow bought with $2000+ mattress (Yeah, I can tell it’s better than my Ikea pillow, but it ain’t 15 times better. Watch out for the upsell whenever you’re in that stunned state on making a major purchase.)

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One thought on “Things I Bought”

  1. As of 2019, wow, this list is fairly accurate! The laundry baskets lasted a long time and we only passed them on to charity within the last decade. We’re still enjoying those Ikea dressers and McCroskey mattress and leather chair and ottoman.

    We don’t watch much corporation-produced linear media anymore (not watching, or seeking out things on YouTube when video is needed). Though we did watch Good Omens because dammit anything Neil Gaiman writes and is showrunner for is worth at least trying (and we loved it).

    I still make my own Pasta Puttanesca from time to time. I wonder if Stelline is where I first had it. And where Stelline was is now Nightbird, a truly lovely fancy but not snobby restaurant.

    I made that gazpacho recipe in the last two weeks.

    I’m now on a MacBook Pro (the latest in a series of Apple laptops and this is the first one that has had some mechanical disappointments; hoping for a return to form in future generations because Time Machine migration to your upgraded computer is still a wonder and a glory).

    That soft case is bouncing around in a Timbuk2 messenger bag in the pile awaiting The Luggage Cull, I think. Will probably pass it along…hey, wait a sec. I bet it would be perfect for my big iPad for drawing! Wow. Exact fit. Yay!

    And the cookware is still in use too.

    Good shopping, Sanders!


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