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  1. Aren’t you tired of people using the “i’m going to die anyways.” lame ass excuse after you give some good advice about how they could be cutting down on the amount of meat and extra-cheese pizza they are currently ingesting. That it would help them to avoid the persription meds they “have to be on” for their declining health. And you remind them that our bodies are like 80% water and the reason you always getting sick is because you never drink any.
    “I don’t like the taiste, I drink Coke”.
    Just as they fill the room with smoke from their cancer stix, then basically tell you to F#*k off by saying ” This is my house and I’ll smoke if I want too!” Even though you were invited over and you end up going out and braving the christmas day cold simply for some fresh air because you know deep down you have made the consious decision to love life and to take care of yourself.


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