Apparently using the new “throw darts at a board” recommender engine

I just bought from Amazon a pedometer (recommended by Maggie) and a dual kitchen timer (since my cooking grows more complex).

Afterwards Amazon recommended things.

The things it recommended were:

– books about knitting

– books about squirrels

Um. What?

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3 thoughts on “Apparently using the new “throw darts at a board” recommender engine”

  1. Ok, obviously the kitchen timer suggested domesticity, thus the knitting reference. And the pedometer delivered to a city address suggested a confined creature yearning to make tracks, like a squirrel in a cage. Eh?


  2. I’m doing the pedometer thing too, though not that model. The 7-day memory for step count is key so that you can chart your progress periodically rather than having to be manical about noting down a number every day.
    With the nice weather I’m now up to about 65000 steps last week, up from a low of 45000 when the weather was yucky.


  3. Hm. Maybe they figure that since you’ll be doing so much walking, you’ll be outdoors more often, and more likely to see squirrels…for whom you’d want to knit acorn cozys…
    Yeah, I got nothing.


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