The Mondayish Tuesday

I took a long weekend to visit my folks – and it was lovely – so today was my first day back in the office since last Thursday. Always a shock to the system since so much email seems to come in over two days, but compounded today by a team lunch (fun, but for someone who often eats at her desk a big chunk of the day to lose), meetings and a system support problem I needed to help resolve (and will have to give up some of tomorrow to as well).

The day washed me up on the shore of home, tired, spacy and contemplating sleep. I got myself out of workbrain mode by playing around with my new iSight camera. It turns out that contrary to what I expected, you can’t record into iMovie with it. Apple! Duh! I’m seriously considering returning it, but they may bail themselves out with the Quicktime Broadcaster which (thank you, Mac Dev Center!) is free and lets you record to your hard drive.

Tonight I just futzed around with the microphone a bit. Clearly lots to learn to get good sound quality, but pretty darn easy to get something adequate.

As is normal for everyone, I was appalled by the sound of my own voice (am I really that nasel and arch sounding?), but recovered after a bit of exposure to it. Well, and after the theraputic step of reading the beginning of Dylan Thomas’ Under Milkwood. Round lovely sounds.

Not sure what I’ll play with next. Maybe a little video tour of my house that I can show my grandma next time I visit her. Hmm, and that inventory I’ve been meaning to update for my renters’ insurance.

No, I am not going to become a camgirl. I may not have learned anything else from Paris Hilton (thank goodness), but I at least know that video never goes away.

Got tips for someone just learning to use an iSight or Quicktime Broadcaster? Leave ’em in the comments!

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One thought on “The Mondayish Tuesday”

  1. You never think about how you sound until you hear playback of yourself. And NO ONE ever sounds like they think they sound. I may be wrong, but I’m pretty sure that’s somewhere in the Torah. (People are always telling me I sound like the MoviePhone guy, or that I should do radio, but all I ever hear is a nasal whine and sibilent ‘s’es.)


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