Thoughts from a summer festival

Gosh, it’s a lot hotter in the south bay than in San Francisco.

Outdoor movies are a wonderfully silly, happy thing.

Not all band managers are dorks, but the one’s who are, hoo baby, welcome to pricktown.

Some of the best hugs I got this weekend (from these folks I see once a year) were from uniformed San Jose police officers. Shame they have to wear those dang lumpy vests under their uniforms, but these guys overcome that handicap with great skill.

There are few things nicer than a Filco festival on the Fourth of July. No significant incidents, good food, mellow crowd, great crew and fantastic fireworks. Really one of the prettiest shows we’ve had.

It is LOVELY to be home to quiet and my own bed and the rest of the day to recover before a short work week at my real job.

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Dinah from Kabalor

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