Summer cold

Well, just as I enter an incredibly intense two weeks at work, I get a head cold which appears to also have the odd symptom of completely disrupting my sleep schedule.

I blame the reduced quality of my diet over the past month (since reluctantly cancelling my Organic Express subscription due to investigations of the delivery box by a rodent of usual size) and stress. On the bright side, I did buy a bunch of vegis and fruit yesterday and have been taking better care of myself for the last few days. Not enough to stave it off, but perhaps enough for a quicker recovery.

Be careful out there.

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Dinah from Kabalor

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3 thoughts on “Summer cold”

  1. Doing a little better tonight. Felt and sounded awful this morning, but an afternoon nap and evening shower helped. Now I’ll try going to sleep at my normal time and see what happens.
    I’d like to be well enough to get into the office at least briefly – too much due next week to make no progress towards it. I don’t expect I’ll stay a whole day even if I do go in, though, since I don’t want to make anyone else sick.


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