If life gives you insomnia, make posts

Well, the stupidest cold ever continues. I had thought earlier that I might be able to get to sleep, but after 2 hours of trying fitfully, I am giving in. If I’m going to be up until 3 or 4am, I might was well enjoy it as best I can.

One thing you can do in the middle of the night is look at pretty things that Maggie has picked out for you: visit Mighty Goods! My favorites: Band Shades, bandaids for people who aren’t pale pink; the bunny mobile for over a crib; the Omron Premium Pedometer which I bought and am very happy with; the Chez Panisse fruit notecards which might just be enough to actually get me to write some letters; these cool adhesive oval patterns to make your wall super-retro hip; Scrabble cuff links; Connector pens that snap together and are bright and make my inner child get the big greedy eyes; a patch with a squirrel playing a drum; Wee Ninja; Kenneth Cole Think Pink cuff links; European wine glasses for casual entertaining; the brocade lanterns have really got me thinking about how I might decorate that spare room; ThermaCare Air-Activated Heat Pads about which Maggie is so very right; the Sam Brown Red Robot Hoodie; and I am intrigued by Junipero Gin and Steep Teas.

Mmm, but here’s the winner: the Enzo Side-Snap Boot. I’m gonna look great in these.

(And yes, I may be moving into the final "intermittant cough" phase of the normal cold symptoms, but the inability to get to sleep seems to be worse. Since my alarm normally would go off in 150 minutes, I think it’s safe to say I won’t be making it in to work today either. Fortunately, at least at the moment I do feel enough better that I should be able to get through the afternoon and evening without a nap. Maybe tomorrow night I’ll be asleep before the bars close…)

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3 thoughts on “If life gives you insomnia, make posts”

  1. Hi. I stumbled across this blog when searching for the particular pair of snap enzo boots you mentioned in the post. Did you buy them, and if so can you somehow point me in the direction towards where I could buy them? I found them on Mighty Goods, yet the link doesn’t work, and I can’t find them anywhere!
    Thanks so much!
    -Mary Torres


  2. Yep, bought ’em. Wish I’d bought two pair.
    They were gone already by the time I realized how much I liked them and that was only a couple months later.
    Garnet Hill doesn’t keep their stock around long, it appears.


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