If you notice after watching a video online (A, A, A is for Arlo…) that you have suddenly lost sound (e.g. you can’t hear iTunes anymore, no startup sound, etc.) on your Powerbook G4, look at the Sound System Preferences and try checking and/or unchecking the mute checkbox. In my case, it was not checked, but checking it and then unchecking it brought the sound back.

… for a moment, and now its gone again and that trick isn’t working anymore. Grrr.

… and now it seems to be fine again. Weird weird weird. Software is goofy.

… No, wait, it’s a hardware thing. I can get the sound to cut in & out by pinching the case. Okay, I think my decision re: upgrading is getting made for me. Time to look into a more stable PowerBook, get this one repaired (still can do an insurance claim for the fall last November which could be behind the problem and I have Apple Care for it as well) and then sell it. It’s a damn pity to only get a year out if it, but the fall was an exceptional event.

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  1. Odd. I’ve never had that problem…but then, I imagine there have been some changes to the hardware in the near-4 years since I got my TiBook.


  2. Also you may not have done that “let your backback fall out the back of a chair so that your Mac inside it takes a 3.5 foot dive” thing that all the cool kids are doing…


  3. Aaaah. That WOULD explain it. Yeah, I actively try to prevent my electronics from suffering untimely accidents such as a 3.5ft swan dive. (Although now I find myself wondering what the degree of difficulty was…)


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