Non-walking wounded

I slipped on my stairs the other night and got a big bruise on my butt and managed to whack my foot on the trim on the wall. Somehow the toes tucked around the curves of the molding in such a way that the big, 3rd & little toes are okay, but the 2nd and 4th got badly walloped.
At least I had just had my nails done. o they complement the bruises & swelling so well.

They’re swollen with interesting purple and reddish mottling. The seem to go in the usual direction so if they’re broken they aren’t horribly broken. Unfortunately, there just isn’t much even doctors can do for toes, so even if they’re broken they’d probably just get taped to the toe next to them.

I have been icing them, keeping my foot elevated, and minimizing the amount of walking I do. I stayed home today and will make up the time by working on Monday. (Looking forward to a quiet and productive day then, actually).

Anyhow, not much posting. I’m sore and feeling lame in more than the obvious way.

Note to self: do not go down the stairs in slippery stocking feet.

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