Sunny Saturday

Lovely light today. I slept in and then woke, unfortunately, from a dream about work (I could do without this sort of overtime or at least without the knowledge that my subconscious is grinding away all night). Mercifully, instead of dim grey gloomy light the house is bright and inviting and sunshine scrubs away tension.

I lazed about for an hour checking email, looking at things on the Web, chatting on phone and IM with friends, before getting up and getting going on small tasks around the house.

My foot is healing. It’ll be two weeks ago tomorrow and the bruising and swelling of those two toes has gone down. It’s sore if it gets touched, so life continues in "cautious hobbling" mode. I figure another week and I may be able to upgrade to "being very careful and walking slow", but it might take another two.

Fortunately, there’s plenty of things I can do without having to walk a block. Little bits of housework, balancing my checkbook, preparing for my trip to London & Africa, more futzing about with iMovie.

When it’s time to put my foot up, there’s a good game of Pharoah (with the Cleopatra expansion so pyramid building isn’t such a pain in the ass), a movie from Netflix (Kinsey) or loaned by friends (Horatio Hornblower), or any of the score of books I’m reading.

Today I’m enjoying my unflooded house in my neighborhood without the sound of gunshots and the clean, drinkable water that comes out of my tap and the electricity powering the music on my new Mac. Count your blessings.

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