Seven years good luck

Happy birthday, Seven years of blogging. Almost 2500 posts. Wow. I guess I found my medium.

Sure was a nice weekend here in San Francisco. I had a great time Saturday night. My friends Len, B.J. & Bev and I went to dinner at Sneaky Tiki (pricy but fun, with tasty appetizers). On the way there Len and I shared a cab with a nice woman we met at The Trolley Stop Where The Trolley Never Seems To Be Coming and in our 6 block ride together heard the nutshell version of her life which entailed decades as a Southern Baptist preacher and head of a funeral home business in Texas before realizing a few years back that none of that was right and he was a she. "On Sunday I said farewell to my congregation, on Monday I sold my business and by Wednesday I was on my way to San Francisco to begin transitioning." We all agreed it was good to let go of the things that don’t fit in your life and she said "yes, like Southern Baptism, the Republican party and conservative Texas". She positively radiated that "I’m on the path that is absolutely right for me" vibe that’s so energizing. I love this town.

After dinner, Len, B.J., Bev and I walked over to Natoma Street to a little tiny hidden theater space to see TVLand Presents Star Trek Episode 4: Mudd’s Women at Theatre
Tableau Vivant.
Tremendous fun and Leigh Crow does an amazing job as
Kirk. Marvelous satire and yet also capturing why he’s a such a
likeable character. I’ll definitely be watching for TVLand’s next show.

Had a lovely lazy Sunday brunching and puttering around Open Studios with a certain very pleasing fellow.

So, my weekend having including all the necessary ingredients: alone time to kick back, hanging out with friends time, getting chores done time, laughing time, enjoying local creativity time, kissing a handsome man time, being fed tasty food time, and the aforementioned sipping cocktails, clever interior design, flirting with cute boys, outrageous fashion, witty friends and more than my minimum recommended weekend allowance of gender-bending, I’m ready to face the week.

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