I’ve just completed my absentee ballot and thought I’d share my opinions on this election.

I voted no on propositions 73, 74, 75, 76 and the "fox guards the henhouse drug pricing plan" 78. Fuck you, Governor. Thanks for wasting our money on this damn special election.

I voted no on prop 77 too; the selection of the panel for redistricting is positively byzantine*, the panel is very small and there is no appeal process.

I’m voting for prop 79 which is the reasonable drug pricing one and not majorly funded by drug companies.

I’m voting for prop 80, but feel least sure about this one. Don’t feel like I got a deep understanding, but nothing about the descriptions bothered me and the endorsements swayed me to support it.

On the local San Francisco front, I’m supporting Sandoval (and then Ting) for Assessor-Recorder, Cisneros for Treasurer (with no ranked endorsements), and Herrera for City Attorney.

I tend to think bonds are actually a pretty reasonable method of funding public works (not sure why they aren’t more popular with capitalists) and I approve highly of community colleges, so I have a strong yes vote on A and, since our sidewalks sure need a bit of help, I also said yes on B.

C seems reasonable and folks I respect endorse it, so that’s a yes.

D doesn’t make sense to me – didn’t we just go through a decision on this? and hasn’t transit been improving? – so no on that.

E seems practical, so that’s a yes.

F is a yes, but I do wish it also had some stern requirements about improving efficiency.

G is a no-brainer yes. Fewer lanes of traffic in that gem of a public park? Duh.

H is a no, which might surprise some people considering how I feel about guns, but I have concerns about its impact on civil liberties and am not 100% convinced it would be effective in reducing crime. Reducing suicides, very probably, but drive-by shootings? I doubt it.

I is a statement of opinion and I find it interesting for a community to do this. Since I agree with the opinion – there’s too much military presence in schools and scholarships to provide non-military alternatives are a good thing – I said yes.

Whee! Voting! Hooray for democracy!

*Magic: The Gathering is less complex, I tell ya.

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3 thoughts on “Vote!”

  1. No on 75! Because the little people are getting uppity. They actually are starting to think that their paychecks belong to them. Why should people make up their own minds when the collective can do it for them? Besides, teachers really don’t need that extra $100 a year, the unions can put it to better use making political donations.


  2. For a long time now, corporations have been increasing their control over our political system because of the huge amounts of money they have to donate. Unions are not perfect, but they do mostly speak for the interests of working people, not big money. By putting together small amounts from a great many people, unions have been able to become a counterbalance to the huge power of corporations and the very wealthy, and support legislators who are serving the interests of most of us. Of course the rich don’t like that. This measure is intended to put the power back in the hands of big money.
    At the least, if every union member has to sign off on union donations, then every shareholder should have to sign off on corporate donations.
    Better than that, we should put a limit on the power of big money through campaign finance reform.


  3. So, for those of us who only pass through on business, is there anywhere on the interweb where one might associate your answers with the questions? =)


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