I’m not trading this in, but…

… after much consideration, I have to concede that one of the differences between a blog and a LiveJournal is that the latter seems to be more likely to develop the kind of community that leads to strings of fantastic comments.

For example, a couple years ago (yes, when I find a site I like I do tend to dig for those deep album cuts) Gordonzola asked everyone what they hate and generated an enormous response. Replies included:

– lysosy’s hatred of "PolarTec couples. You’ve seen them. They wear khakis and fleece
pullovers with hiking boots, and their Golden Retrievers sit in the SUV
under the kayak. The girls pull their ponytails through the hole in the
back of the cap, and the guys always have skinny legs."

– amarama’s long list includes SUVs with "Free Tibet" stickers and White men who only date Asian women.

– capn jil hates lots of stuff I agree with, but especially "white people with fugly dreadlocks"

– I’m also right there with misia when it comes to "People who send me multiply-forwarded urban legend e-mail. (OH MY GOD THEY’RE PUTTING KITTENS IN BOTTLES!)" and elusis on "Top-quoters in email" and wasop regarding "People who take their dogs everywhere.  A dog is not a child substitute, and it does not need to help you pick out a new throw blanket at Crate and Barrel.  " and the anonymous poster who railed against "anyone wearing so much cologne that I can taste it when I am not actually licking them at the moment"

And then there’s this gem from msjen:

People who teeter around SOMA on Friday and Saturday nights, holding
each other up as they stagger to their cars (parked in valuable parking
spaces), giggling and announcing how drunk they are.

When I
lived near MIT frat row in Boston, where this of course happens a lot,
I proposed building a satellite death ray that would be triggered from
space by any human that yelled "Whoooo!!!" and had a certain blood
alcohol level.

I think it’s time.

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4 thoughts on “I’m not trading this in, but…”

  1. For all of it’s interface and database flaws, the one strength that LiveJournal has that makes in indespensible to me is that I get a running list of all my friends’ posts. I don’t have to go to everyone’s LJ to see if they’ve written anything today, I just pull up one page and any activity that has happened is right there. To be honest, I don’t read your blog as much as I’d like because I can’t fold it into that source.


  2. Yeah, the aggregated friends page is my favorite feature also. It helps create online community too, I think, even if it’s just the visual nature of seeing everyone in the same place.
    I can’t believe you went that far back in my journal. That post spawned a backlash of people posting about things they love. Not nearly as many comments there.


  3. I think a lot of blog readers use the RSS feeds for that purpose. I tend, during average times, to see the accumulated new posts like a pile of magazines or papers I should be reading. To avoid Leseschuld [ http://www.metagrrrl.com/metagrrrl/2001/06/modern_ailment_.html ] I now just read at will, when it occurs to me.
    Though I must say, when you spend a few days jetlagged and haven’t got much brain power, reading an interesting, well-written journal from the start like a novel is a good way to recover. The only problem with a prolific writer or long-standing journal or one with a zillion comments is that you recover from jetlag before you catch up to current times. I’m currently adrift somewhere in early 2004 in yours, Gordon. Great community of commenters you’ve got – and yes, they’re at their best when they’re vitrolic! 😀


  4. What really froths me up the most is people who create a seemingly witty neologism, use their fun new word in one of their own comments (on one of their own posts), and then, adding insult to ignominy, add a broken link to the definition they’ve granted it.
    That definitely stands at the top of my hate list.


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