Fromage du jour

I am giddy with carnal delight over tonight’s cheese: French Fromager D’Affinois Pepper Brie. I’m smearing it on slices of Semifreddi’s bread (the Sour Batard to be precise) and basking in the creamy, peppery goodness.

Lest you think I’m completely clueless about nutrition, I should note that the rest of dinner consisted of some yummy pan-cooked kale, baby carrots, and a Reed’s Extra Ginger Brew (All Natural Jamaican Style Ginger Beer).

All natural, baby.

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Dinah from Kabalor

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One thought on “Fromage du jour”

  1. Oh yes, of course I got it at Rainbow Grocery. You even have to ask anymore? and yes, yes, I did buy two other kinds of cheese too while I was there, yes. The Bearded Cheeselord was there, you know, and while he wasn’t waving a knife around at the time, it’s just best to show the proper appreciation for the wares. (Dairy warez?) Self-preservation, that’s my excuse. I don’t have a cheese habit, not me, nope.


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