Giving gifts that really matter

Haven’t done your holiday shopping yet? Or feeling gloomy over putting out money for things that someone might not really like or need? Do something better with your money and make a real difference in someone’s life.

Loan someone some money – as little as $25! – to help start a business using Kiva, a site supporting microcredit in the developing world. These are peer-to-peer loans, which I love partly because of the
"small scale making a big difference" factor but especially for the recognition that
people in less wealthy countries are our peers. site
Read about Unity Grocery, one of the businesses currently repaying a loan through Kiva
Alternet story about Kiva
Daily Kos mention of Kiva along with lots of other microcredit opportunities

Sponsor a child to provide funding for education, health care and nutritious food.
– My family has done this for as long as I can remember through Christian Children’s Fund

Give a family the gift of independence with farm animals and training from Heifer Project International. They have projects in agroecology, animal management, disaster rehabilitation, gender equity, HIV-AIDS, microenterprise and urban agriculture.
Try giving animals as gifts in someone’s name. Some family gets a huge boost in their household economy and your friend gets a goat with none of the bother of the actual goat!
– Contribute to my dropcash campaign and help me raise $1000 for Women in Livestock Development

Help someone get into their own home by supporting Habitat for Humanity. They help get people into their own home through building projects around the world.
Donate money and/or volunteer your time to help a project

And don’t forget the small things you can do every day of the year to make a difference:
– shop in locally owned businesses
– eat locally grown food
– boycott products produced with sweatshop labor
– support fair trade products
and please tip your waitress.

More ideas? Please add them in the comments!

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  1. Isn’t the idea of only eating locally grown food in conflict with the notion of helping people living and working in 3rd world economies?


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