Pure water for all

My fundraiser to get $1000 donated to Women in Livestock Development is off to a good start, so I’m feeling much more confident about my ability to also do something during 2006 to provide better sanitation around the world.

I’d been planning to look into helping fund a village or regional pump (and I might still do that), but I was very excited to hear an interview with Don Gould of Pure Water 4 All on IT Conversations. The filters that they’ve created can be locally produced by traditional craftspeople using sustainable local materials. Nice. But do they really help? Yes. Within a matter of two or three weeks after they go into use there is a significant reduction in the number of children dying. That’s a hell of a short term return on investment, but there are also long-term positive implications.

"When we bring down the level of despair in parts of the world we don’t think about day-to-day, we bring up the possibilities for global peace, global economic growth, all of those issues, in a very concrete way."

Pure Water 4 All sounds like exactly the kind of project that I was hoping to find.

(By the way, if you haven’t encountered the term before and are puzzled when you hear it, NGO stands for Non-Governmental Organization).


A general tip: IT Conversations are really great to listen to when you do housework. (Try their Globeshakers series for especially inspiring topics). They’re generally fascinating shows and keep your mind happily engaged while you, for instance, scrub the bathroom floor. Woo! Clean bathroom floor!

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