Blustery Day

Until I put on Mike Doughty’s lovely album Rockity Roll, the song stuck in my head today was

The rain, rain, rain, came down, down, down
      In rushing, rising, rivlets
      ‘Til the river crept out of it’s bed
      And crept right into Piglet’s

      Poor Piglet he was frightened
      With quite a rightful fright

Good luck out there, everybody! Drive safe and stay home if you can.

Published by

Dinah from Kabalor

Author. Discardian. GM. Current project: creating an inclusive indie fantasy ttrpg

One thought on “Blustery Day”

  1. Raining again up here at Edgewood tonight. We went to see “King Kong” at Arena Theatre, rain both coming and going. It’s Peter Jackson: lots of adrenalin, and special effects piled on. But we both enjoyed the film, found a lot to appreciate. Some nice subtleties – for example, a wonderful job of recreating America in the Great Depression, and in certain scenes scattered throughout, the movements and speaking style of the actors was that of film acting of that era. And with the excess of special effects, it was pretty clear Jackson was having a fine old time, knew it was too much, and invited us to enjoy it as much as he does.


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