A Few Tips for People With Vaginas

– Keep your mini-pads/panty liners in your underwear drawer instead of the bathroom. Duh. Why didn’t I think of this a decade ago?

– (this one works for people without vaginas too) Maybe you like the messy sex but not the mess afterwards, maybe you or your playmate have rough callused fingers (or tender parts). Enjoy life more with a silky sexy sheet to lay on the bed under you to catch stray spills and a supply of medical examination gloves. (Before you buy gloves, figure out if you’re sensitive to them. There are quite a few varieties. You will probably not want the kind with powder inside.)

– One of the best cures for cramps is an orgasm. Also may cure hiccups and relieve depression.

– Another great cure for cramps is a heating pad. These patches from Thermacare are great. I wear them all day and don’t have to miss any work or spend 2 hours in misery during the really bad spell. Also: nice warm tummy.

More tips anyone would care to share? If you want to post anonymously, just make up some clever name and put "example@example.org" for the mail.

(If you’ve been shocked or offended by this post, I think you are being a dork. Women bleed. Sex is fun. Get over it or go read some other site.)

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4 thoughts on “A Few Tips for People With Vaginas”

  1. Sometimes the treatment for yeast infections can be a little “burny”, to say the least. And you have to apply it before bed… A rice-filled sock, chilled in the freezer and then held between the thighs against the hoochiecoo calms it down enough to help you fall asleep.


  2. Meaning, don’t mind if there’s urine on the seat? I can’t hold with that. Guys who can’t lift the seat also can’t be bothered to aim or clean up if they splash.


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