Buying a new phone and/or camera

I’m frustrated by the picture quality of the camera in my Treo 600. I also find it kind of large and heavy and am no longer really using the PDA features that often since 9 times out of 10 I have my laptop with me.

I have two choices:
– buy a tiny little phone and a separate tiny little camera
– buy something like a Samsung MM-A940

I’m tending toward the latter because I’m not that fussy a photographer and mostly want decent snapshots easily sent to my Flickr account. I’m probably not going to do any cropping or other processing so taking the photos from the camera to the laptop is an extra and unneeded step for me.

Anyone got any thoughts on a good camera phone?

I’ve got Sprint now and can get a rebate for being a long-time customer, so I’m sticking with their San Francisco phon selection (though I could also go to anything Nextel now that they’ve merged). Only feature I care about beside the camera is that it might be keen to have Bluetooth, but it’s not necessary. Don’t want tv on my phone or fancy-ass ringtones or any of that cruft.

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2 thoughts on “Buying a new phone and/or camera”

  1. I’d advise against going to a Nextel-branded phone, since that would put you on the iDEN network (you’re currently on Sprint’s CDMA network), and the iDEN network doesn’t have anywhere close to the level of coverage that you can get with CDMA.


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