Mutant Hotdish

step 1 – mushroom soup substitute 

I have 4lbs of potatoes purchased at the farmers market that need to be used. Also an onion. Also, just behind them in the cupboard, was a can of tunafish. "Okay", I thought, "tuna casserole sort of thing. I can do that. Hmm, but I have no mushroom soup. Oh, I have dried porcini. I'll just put a little rice milk in that to make it kind of soupy. That'll do the trick."

What kind of freak doesn't have a can of cream of mushroom soup but has plenty of dried porcini?

107904943_4123d9dd3e_o Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 10.20.52 AM

step 2 – good butter for the pan while the "soup" gets soupy


step 3 – cooking an onion in the best butter in America (or so I'm told)


step 4 – put the lightly cooked onions in the bottom of the buttered baking dish and cover with layers of thinly sliced potato 

I used approximately 2lbs of small red potatoes.


step 5 – put some protein on top of the potatoes 

Here I am using tuna, but I regret this choice. It tastes okay, but smells like catfood to me since I rarely eat tunafish in non-sushi form any more. I should remember not to buy it. Tofu would have been fine. (If you're already making a hotdish with porcini mushrooms, you've officially left the traditional and can have all the fuckin' tofu you want in there).


step 6 – put the mushrooms on


step 7 – put cheese on it and then bake for 1 hour at 350 degrees, midoven 

I used one of the two cheeses I have in the house – a very salty delicious pepato (because ain't no way Humboldt Fog and tunafish go in the same meal) – which was fine, but this really could have used some good ol' orange mild cheddar and more of it.

107979043_e1f8b5d158_o Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 10.26.06 AM

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