Generally Good

Hello, yes, I’m around, just not very posty.

Everything is pretty much fine. Weather variable. Health took a hit through the whole middle of the week with a beastly cold, but I’m on the mend now thanks to the care of The Lovely Man Who Feeds Me Soup And Reads To Me.

Work as usual has the potential to be highly stressful, but I’m managing pretty well under the load. (Thank you David Allen and Merlin Mann for the boost to my productivity and time management skills over the last year).

Didn’t get to go to SXSW this year  😦  but that’s because I spent all my money on my fabulous trip last year and this tasty maxed-out Powerbook 🙂 so it all balances out.

Yes, yes, I will start getting some of the Tanzania pictures up soon – Kenya’s all there at least – and I’ll add in the travelogue in the blog one of these days. (I do wish the TypePad gang would get around to improving that post date selection tool so it was easier to select a day months or even years in the past. It really is the fly in my blogging ointment. *sigh* I’ve tried suggestions, whining, reminders, cupcakes, pointing to the good way to do it (thank you, Flickr!) and am beginning to wonder what it will take to get that feature. I wonder if they’ll do contractual development? Only problem is they make more money than I do, I suspect. Poop. I hate waiting.)

You begin to see why I haven’t been posting lately. So boring! Good lord. Go watch The IT Crowd or something. At least things catch on fire in that.

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Dinah from Kabalor

Author. Discardian. Gamemaster. Current project: creating a binaryless universe for fantasy gaming Vote as if you were about to move to the year 2090 (not 1950).

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