Sexual Harrassment

I was harrassed on the way to work this morning. Just walking to Civic Center BART along Grove St. when this guy passed by very close heading the other direction beside me.

He reached down & behind as he walked by and grabbed my ass. There was absolutely no mistaking this for a bump; it was a multi-finger grope.

I turned and said "Hey! That was total bullshit, man!" and he kept walking, but sped up.

In retrospect I should probably have laid down a shrill tirade at him about what his damn problem might be and how pathetic it was that he couldn't find anyone who wanted him to touch them – public shame being probably my best weapon – but I was so shocked and threatened that I just warned the next woman coming down the street and confirmed that a guy leaning on the wall had indeed seen it happen.

I hope he tries it again this weekend against a ferocious femme with long sharp fingernails and a fast & mighty scratch reflex.

As for me, my growing re-connection to Hayes Valley as a neighborhood has been nipped in the bud. Okay, it sure ain't another drive-by shooting next door to me, but clearly the place has a long way to go before you can consider yourself safe there.

It must have been ten years since I was so blatantly sexually harrassed. I'll be paranoid for a while about straight men, particularly straight men who look like that guy. Fortunately, those slim black dudes who dress like they get their velour tracksuits at the same boutique as the rich white ladies from the tennis club can be spotted a mile away. Thinks he's pimpin', but he's wimpin'.


A friend at work has reminded me since I was actually grabbed that this would be sexual assault.

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2 thoughts on “Sexual Harrassment”

  1. You really might want to report the incident to the authorities. You have no idea what else the guy might be doing. If the police have a report on him, or a report they can connect to him in the future, it will greatly aid in detaining him, if his crimes escalate. It may also simply help stop him from groping.
    A lot of people brazen enough for things like that eventually do something more serious. Quite a few rapists, for instance, have incidents of indecent exposure earlier in their lives.
    I reject the police’s logical fallacy that small crimes lead to more serious ones (like the nonsense that smoking pot will necessarily lead to using coke), but you can trace major crimes back to minor ones most of the time. So, when the minor crimes are disturbing, it’s a good idea to report them.


  2. Yes, if I had anything more than a vague description, I would have filed a report today. As it is, I’m not sure if it’s useful. I will probably do it Monday or Tuesday when the police aren’t distracted by Pride weekend.


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