Moneydance for Mac?

Hey, anyone have an opinion on Moneydance? I’m finding that even after all this time my Quicken-soaked brain has never adapted to Budget and I need to go back to something a little more like how Quicken used to be back when it wasn’t a buggy piece of crap.

Seems like since I don’t go to the beach that often, the apparent increased risk of zombie attacks isn’t enough to scare me off giving Moneydance a try.

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2 thoughts on “Moneydance for Mac?”

  1. Don’t know Moneydance, I’m afraid, but I can vouch for iBank as a great personal finance program. I don’t use its budget-specific features much, because the “scheduled transactions” feature tends to fill that purpose. I have it set to schedule my paycheck, rent, automatic savings transfer, caltrain, loan payments, cell phone, cable, and even my yearly domain payments. Every two weeks, I have it post my paycheck and the next 2 weeks of expenses, and if I factor in my estimates for ATM withdrawals, that’s pretty much my budget right there.
    I know it’s not an answer to your question, but you might give it a try anyway. Plus, it’s a much more Mac-like program, and it doesn’t have yuppies running across the beach on its homepage. 🙂


  2. I switched from Quicken to Moneydance a year ago. They have good support of online payments and have been solid.
    I am successfully running it under either mine or my wife’s login. We just make sure we are not both running it at the same time. Haven’t had a problem … don’t want to test it out.
    When paying online, the payments did not show up in my register until they were sent. So the future value calculation didn’t reflect payments that were going out in 2 weeks. This was a major annoyance for me. Between that and Bank of America’s $10/mo charge – I am now double entering on the web interface and money dance.
    The product isn’t as pretty as other mac programs. My wife likes the reports. I can’t seem to visualize where the money is going. But then again, couldn’t with quicken either.
    Going from Quicken -> Money Dance took me no time. Very impressed with this. Since I was using online banking and importing QIF files, I was able to really try it out for a few days before committing. This was really appreciated.
    I enter all transactions into Money Dance. So can’t really vouch for downloading files.
    I am currently in the market to look for a native mac solution. looking at
    hmm – this article is old. Hope this helps if you are still looking.


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