Home again

Wonderful travels with Joe in Japan.

A good visit to Britain including a pleasant walk round the city walls of Chester which I enjoyed very much.

But now I'm home and its so good to be here.

Landed yesterday at SFO just before 5pm, finally entered my door around 6:30pm. Kept myself up until it was fully dark outside sometime after 8pm and then slept in my gloriously comfortable bed until 7am.

Now the sun is coming through the windows, I've been looking through the pictures Joe took in Malaysia over the last couple days, read Jinx's account of the great Cleo Laine concert she went to last night, and the smell of fresh rice almost ready has started to sneak out through the house from the rice cooker.

It's good to be home. It's even better to bring memories and good food ideas from my travels back to make home even more pleasant than it was before.

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