Pulling it all together

It may be too early in Vox's life and in my exploration of its features to decide this, but I've begun thinking about what to do about the distribution of my writing & pictures on the web.

I have:
– MetaGrrrl, the blog I've been writing since October of 1998;
– Discardia, the adjunct blog for my longer essays on the holiday I invented & its corresponding philosophy;
– Discardian, the tip-a-day blog for Discardian ideas which I started last New Year's Eve and plan to run for one year (until mid-January, thanks to a vacation from it I'm just winding up);
– MeGrrrl, this Vox blog which I started in June;
– my Flickr stream, which has become a huge part of telling my story.

In the past, I've pulled other side projects back together under the MetaGrrrl site umbrella and that's still my first instinct.

Perhaps in this age of feeds, the problem I need to solve is how to merge the Vox posts and the Flickrstream to become the primary flow of activity on the main page of MetaGrrrl.

The two Discardia-related blogs just need to be better interlinked and have an improved front page to showcase the archives & perhaps bring up a random post from the past each day once I finish adding to it regularly. That same random link could be teased in the MetaGrrrl sidebar.

I still intend to fill in my life before 1998 if that problem with backdating posts in Typepad ever gets solved (you currently have to page back one month at a time which is a pain in the ass).

It's all a big project, but perhaps conquerable in a few weekend chunks. Something good to keep me distracted while Joe's away on his travels…

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