Very fun stuff coming in the world of games:

Cool videos of people trying out the Nintendo Wii controller – don’t miss the sweet older Japanese couple
[thanks to Alaina for the link]

Will Wright’s next project, Spore, as discussed in a great Steven Johnson article.
My favorite bit – apart from the overall concept, itching to get my hands on the game, and Eno’s joke at the end – is the part about how some creatures may not be able to do certain moves because of their unusual physiques: “Our philosophy is,” Bradshaw said, “if it’s going to break, it should break funny.”
[thanks to Jason for the link]

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  1. It’s a shame that the Wii (god, I hate that name) won’t live up to its potential. Aside from the fact that Nintendo execs have as much as admitted that the Wii is just a GameCube with a fancy control system, there’s the fact that said control system won’t work in direct sunlight. Oh, and Nintendo still has to convince 3rd party developers to rewrite their ported games to use the Wiimote/numbchuk control system.


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