QotD: This Week’s Top 25

What are your top 25 most played songs? 
Submitted by Cooxie 

1.  "Cashmere" – Nerf Herder

2.  (tie) "Big Time Sensuality" – Bjork
           "Man, It's So Loud In Here" – They Might Be Giants

4.  (tie) "Overture/All That Jazz" – soundtrack to Chicago
           "Om Namaha Shiva" – Sheila Chandra

6.  "Hem Of Your Garment" – Cake

7.  (tie) "Polythene Pam" – The Beatles
           "A Cautionary Tale" – The Decemberists

9.  "Bodysuit" – The Billy Nayer Show (from The American Astronaut soundtrack)

10. (tie) "Carry That Weight" – The Beatles
            "July, July!" – The Decemberists

12. (tie) "Here Comes The Sun" – The Beatles
            "Across The Universe" – The Beatles
            "Time Has Told Me" – Nick Drake

15. (tie) "The End" – The Beatles
            "The Baby In The Jar" -  The Billy Nayer Show (from The American Astronaut soundtrack)
            "ABoneCroneDrone1" – Sheila Chandra
            "ABoneCroneDrone3" – Sheila Chandra
            "Mr Xcitement With Doughty" – They Might Be Giants

20. (tie) "Golden Slumbers" – The Beatles
            "The Legionnaire's Lament" – The Decemberists
            "Wildest Pig In Captivity" – John Renbourn

23. (tie) "Because" – The Beatles
            "Mean Mr. Mustard" – The Beatles
            "Her Majesty" – The Beatles
            "Hey Bulldog" – The Beatles
            "I Wanna Be Adored" – The Stone Roses

The influence of the album or album side play is substantial.

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