One post that illustrates why Jason Kottke’s blog is always worth my time, even when I only have a microbreak between tasks at work.

Not every time, but very, very often he is able to give me not only the moment of zen I seek to reset my brain and let me approach the next task in a fresh & creative mindset, but also to plant seeds of insight that yield wonderful fruit later.

He is sometimes dismissive of himself as “just a link blogger”, but I think he’s better than the average bear at making us better at appreciating & responding internally…

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Dinah from Kabalor

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  1. He is just a link blog. There’s thousands of blogs better and he lives on rep. (kissing up to a-listers doesn’t make you one, it just gives you a brown nose).


  2. Oh good grief, here’s that stupid “A-List” thing again. Didn’t we burn this topic out in 1999 or whenever that was? It was such a tedious theme then and it hasn’t improved since. Funny, though, he was accused of living on rep then and yet, gee, here he is still going strong all these years later.
    I read him because he’s good. I pass on information in my blog about things I like. If you don’t like the same stuff, don’t read me. It’s real simple. Big web out there, move along.


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