Favorite albums – L & M

Last Word In
by Johnny Boyd

The lovely voice and marvelous style of the former lead singer of Indigo Swing. As you can imagine, it’s hard to keep from tapping your feet to this. My favorite part though is hearing his smile as he sings “Honey-Dew”; simply enchanting.

5 star tracks: “I’ll Do Right By You”, “Last Word In”, “Honey-Dew”
4 star tracks: “Angie’s Song (Baby, Don’t You Know)”, “Some Eggs”

Les Triplettes De Belleville
(movie soundtrack)

Great movie and the music makes me so happy. I love the musical era this evokes.

5 star tracks: “Belleville Rendez-Vous”, “Belleville Rendez-Vous (Maquette)”, “Belleville Rendez-Vous (Version Anglaise)”
4 star tracks: “Générique D’ouverture”, “Cabaret D’ouverture”, “Attila Marcel”, “Thème Bruno”, “Tout Doux Bruno”, “Bach À La Jazz”, “Cabaret Aspirateur”, “La Jungle De Belleville”, “Barbier ‘Cieco Cieco'”, “Pa Pa Pa Palavas”

Let It Be
by The Beatles

Not my favorite Beatles album, but it might contain my favorite Beatles song. “Across The Universe” is at least a heavy contender for the title.

5 star tracks: “Two Of Us”, “Across The Universe”
4 star tracks: “Dig A Pony”, “One After 909”

Let It Beast
by dj BC and The Beastles

Brilliant mashups of The Beatles and the Beastie Boys. Just go hunt up these tracks, they’re bloody amazing.

5 star tracks: “Lovely NYC”
4 star tracks: “Belly Movin'”, “Buildin My Life”, “A Day In The Life Of A Beastie Boy”

by Jump, Little Children

I can’t remember how I found this album – Pandora random track maybe? – but I really love their sound.

5 star tracks: “Come Out Clean”, “Cathedrals”, “My Guitar”
4 star tracks: “Say Goodnight”, “Close Your Eyes”

Metro Stylee
by Metro Stylee

I found this one from one brilliant and terrifically sexy track (“Naked Reggae”) on some collected album of ska from the BiB label. Had a hard time tracking down the full album. Finally was able to get it from Amazon Stores. How can you go wrong with lyrics like “I want to destroy everything, I want to destroy everything, passively, non-aggressively” sung by Trisha Verdolino’s incredible voice?

5 star tracks: “Destroy”, “Naked Reggae”
4 star tracks: “Lullaby”

Mink Car
by They Might Be Giants

Scintillating pop. In a TMBG sense, at least.

5 star tracks: “Bangs”, “Man It’s So Loud In Here”, “Older”, “Wicked Little Critta”
4 star tracks: “Mr Xcitement With Doughty”, “Another First Kiss”, “I’ve Got A Fang”, “Hovering Sombrero”, “Hopeless Bleak Despair”, “Drink!”

Mock Tudor
by Richard Thompson

Brilliant songwriter, frequently able to make you squirm with the sharp edges of his lyrics. This one hooks me with the rhythms most of all, though.

5 star tracks: “Sibella”, “Bathsheba Smiles”
4 star tracks: “Crawl Back (Under My Stone)”, “Walking The Long Miles Home”

Moon Over The Interstate
by The Mollys

Good rollicking stuff. Favorite tracks for long night drives. Penny whistle & polkas are hard to argue with as fine tools for staying awake.

5 star tracks: “The Lang Town/Unfortunate Rake”, “Holding On:I Want To Polka/Skoda Lasky (Beer Barrel Polka)/Carnival Mundo”
4 star tracks: “Rosie”

Moving Pictures
by Rush

My favorite Rush album. Amazing that so few guys can make so much sound.

5 star tracks: “YYZ”, “Limelight”
4 star tracks: “Vital Signs”

Mule Variations
by Tom Waits

Gotta love Tom.

5 star tracks: “Big In Japan”, “Cold Water”
4 star tracks: “Low Side Of The Road”, “Black Market Baby”, “Chocolate Jesus”

Music 1968-1971
by Mason Williams

This is a placeholder really for the album The Mason Williams Ear Show which has never come out on CD. The track about traveling with the refrain “how long has it been since I’ve been somewhere” will be in this list if it ever does.

5 star tracks: “$13 Stella”
4 star tracks: “Classical Gas”, “Saturday Night At The World”, “The Last Great Waltz”, “Baroque-A-Nova”

Music For A Darkened Theatre
by Danny Elfman

Great stuff, but much better in a shuffle play world since the his tracks can really start to sound too similar. This is good early stuff, though.

5 star tracks: “Beetlejuice”, “Hot To Trot”
4 star tracks: “Face Like A Frog”

Music From The Motion Picture Ocean’s 11

Can’t help it. I really like this album and the snappy dialogue clips.

5 star tracks: “Gritty Shaker (David Holmes)”, “Dialogue: Pickpockets”
4 star tracks: “Caravan (Arthur Lyman)”,  “A Little Less Conversation”, “Dialogue: $160 Million Chinese Man”, “Claire De Lune (Philadelphia Orchestra)”

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One thought on “Favorite albums – L & M”

  1. Have you heard Let It Be . . . Naked? I never much cared for the originally released version (the track “The Long and Winding Road Through the Cloying and Overbearing String Section” having a great deal to do with that), but the remixed one is sounds much better to me.Moving Pictures is another good one. Sometimes I wonder what Neil Peart, Greg Graffin (Bad Religion), and the Johns Flansburgh & Linnell would come up with if they all collaborated on lyrics for something, or if the album would indeed explode from all the cleverness.


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