Pinel School reunion

[a reunion of my K-8th grade school]


I had a great time today at my grade school reunion. The school closed in, I think, 1979 so we were all spending a lot of our remaining brain power on trying to rebuild old memories and put names to faces then & now. A good foundation for future events.

The symbol of Jtel


One of the big kids' forts at Pinel was the temple of Jtel.

[My recollection, as of 2014, is that this arose out of a school trip where they saw a damaged 'Hotel' sign which now read Jtel.]

Pinel School reunion crowd


Bill Kenney in the foreground.

Assembling for the presentation



Blurry but smiling Linden


even blurrier April, Vandy & David behind

Alice listening to the presentation


Listening to the presentation


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