Favorite Albums – P

Party Monster movie soundtrack

5 star tracks: “Take Me To The Club – Mannequin”
4 star tracks: “2 of Hearts – Stacey Q”, “Go – Tones on Tail”

by Souxie & The Banshees

5 star tracks: “Peek-A-Boo”, “Carousel”
4 star tracks: “Turn To Stone”

by The Decemberists

O how I love The Mariners Revenge Song! It makes me so happy to sing along with it.

5 star tracks: “The Mariner’s Revenge Song”
4 star tracks: “We Both Go Down Together”, “16 Military Wives”

by Rufus Wainwright

Delightful album. “In A Graveyard” belongs in any optimistic mix about death. I also really like the rhythms in “Rebel Prince”.

5 star tracks: “Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk”, “In A Graveyard”
4 star tracks: “Greek Song”, “The Tower Of Learning”, “Grey Gardens”, “Rebel Prince”, “The Consort”

Prolonging The Magic
by Cake

Cake usually features in my mix cds for long drives.

5 star tracks: “Satan Is My Motor”, “Hem Of Your Garment”
4 star tracks: “Guitar”, “Where Would I Be?”

Pure Funk

Excellent collection.

5 star tracks: “Tell Me Something Good – Rufus (featuring Chaka Khan)”
4 star tracks: “Shining Star – Earth, Wind & Fire”, “Lady Marmalade – Labelle”, “Mr. Big Stuff – Jean Knight”, “Fire – Ohio Players”, “(Every Time I Turn Around) Back In Love Again – L.T.D.”, “Super Freak – Rick James”

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