Support a cyber cafe in Kenya

I just made another investment through Kiva and I’m really excited about this one. In November of 2005 I visited Nakuru in Kenya while on a tour with Guerba Travel.

I was very pleased, therefore, to see that I could make a microloan to Mr. Samwel Kagotho to help him purchase new equipment for his cybercafe in Nakuru. He’s a little over halfway to his goal, so maybe you should consider investing too!

Hooray! The money has been raised! Check the sidebar for another worthy business somewhere around the world that could use your help.

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3 thoughts on “Support a cyber cafe in Kenya”

  1. I would really like to start a cyber cafe at Majengo in Vihiga District but I do not know what to do because the banks want me to have at least some sizeable income in order to acquire a loan and that has already taken 3 months without progress. There is no cyber cafe in Vihiga District and I would like to be the first to
    start one here. I have managed to purchase telkom wireless line but
    the cost of sending email is so high. Please help me. I would
    like to set up the cafe by October 2007 and help the people in
    my rural area, including myself to easily access the internet instead of traveling an hour and some places more to go to Kisumu.
    Whatever assistance you can give me to set-up (computers), printer,
    photocopier, scanner, digital camera, furniture, paperwork, etc for start-up will be highly appreciated.
    Thank you. Clara


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