highway patrol pulling over our bus


Nice goin', hotshot.

Not much traffic this morning, we were moving along with everyone else at a good speed, when "whoop! Weeooo!" Mr. CHP pulls us over and proceeds to go through the whole routine (instead of taking bus #, driver #, route #, giving a warning & letting us on our way) – walk up, talk to driver, walk around front to note bus number, take driver's license, go back to his vehicle & check on it, come back and lecture more. Don't know what it was for, but there sure didn't seem to be anything unsafe happening when we heard the siren. This driver's always really good, too. Very odd.

So then, when he's done with his long ritual, he goes up to move some of those cones so we can pull into the empty lane to work up speed to re-merge into traffic, but the dork hasn't a clue about buses or trucks apparently because he moves two cones really close to the sign and the bus can't quite clear the sign, despite our very good driver's efforts. Ridiculous!


In the afternoon, I received a very courteous call from a supervisor at the CHP who gave me more context and the driver was speeding and public transit is not exempt from the rules of the road.

I felt that my frustration was heard along with my suggestion that a speedier process of citation/warning and some acknowledgment of the inconvenienced passengers would would be very helpful in these situations.

Overall, I feel satisfied with the response.

I do wish the officer had been more clueful on a couple counts tho'…

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 8.21.31 PM

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