Mmm, science and skepticism.

I’ve got some good podcasts episodes from my many subscriptions for you today.

I’ve really been enjoying Point of Inquiry. Check out these two interviews:
Garrett G. Fagan – loads of fun hearing this author of Archaeological Fantasies: How Pseudo-archaeology Misrepresents the Past and Misleads the Public rip apart a whole bunch of false science about the past. This one is worth it for the incredibly long litany of proposed locations of Atlantis alone.

Peter H. Gilmore – this was a very surprising one. Turns out the Satanists don’t believe in Satan as a god. Also, they call themselves a religion without believing in the supernatural at all. And their high priest turns out to be quite charming in interviews. I’m not drawn toward their church, but this interview cleared up lots of assumptions I’d made.

From the Science & the City podcast, this session with Oliver Sacks reminiscing fondly about his favorite parts of the table of chemical elements is just plain sweet.

A more recent session from this one was Alan Walker on the Search for "the Missing Link". Yum! Physical anthropology!

60-Second Science continues to be reliably rewarding. Check out this simple little news story about what does and doesn’t work in health education: Abstintence-Only Programs Fail.

I’ve unsubscribed to a couple podcasts that I mentioned before, Science Update Podcast weekly edition (too fluffy) and This Week In Science (too much like annoying morning talk radio shows like Sarah & No Name on Alice), and subscribed to a new one, The Skeptics Guide To The Universe.

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