9 Years

When I was 9 years old I went on a big trip with my folks to Scotland & Norway and still feel the echoes of that wonderful trip today.

What will MetaGrrrl.com do now that it’s nine years old? Exploration, new friends, new horizons, new foods, new ideas… that’s what I’m hoping for.

Thanks for reading and commenting and being part of my adventure!

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5 thoughts on “9 Years”

  1. Happy Happy blogger anniversaire ! Wow ! 9 yrs…. that’s like almost a decade. OK, so that’s stating the obvious, but still – I remember before MetaGRRRL, in what, 1996 / ’97 ( ? ) We were still keeping watch in the sorting room and handling directions to the MLK main… wow, how times have changed. You Go Dinah ! I always enjoy your antics and endeavors.
    Peace !


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