Mixology Monday’s Repeal Day theme: Ruby Cocktail

Mm12There’s a fine cocktail geek writing project called Mixology Monday in which everyone is encouraged to write on a particular theme each week. Often it’s an ingredient, but this time, it’s pre-Prohibition cocktails, in honor of Repeal Day (which is December 5th).

As my first foray into MxMo, I’m pleased to present The Ruby, which Joe & I found in a cocktail pamphlet from 1908 called The World’s Drinks And How To Mix Them by William "Cocktail" Boothby. It’s unclear if the recipe has appeared anywhere else. It’s certainly not the same recipe as others going by the Ruby name.

"Ruby Cocktail

Into a mixing-glass place a lump of ice, a dash of Orange bitters and a dash of cherry cordial. Add half a jigger of Sloe gin and half a jigger of Italian vermouth; stir until cold, twist in the oil from a piece of lemon peel, strain into a cocktail-glass and serve."

Sadly, the thing we forgot to buy in London was really good sloe gin, so I can’t really say I’ve yet tasted this as it’s meant to be tasted. However, even with cherry Heering and DeKupyer Sloe Gin, it’s a charming drink. We celebrated with it last New Year’s Eve (photo left by my friend Ann Larie).

It’s tart and sweet and fun, and as you might guess from the name, a gorgeous color.

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