Holy crap, MORE links!

The internets are full of neat things, I tell ya. Here, watch me.

First, tasty tasty science:
New York Times article on Greenland, ice melt, sea levels, coastline change and time. I am not buying waterfront property.

Murray Gell-Mann speaking delightfully on beauty and truth in physics.

Richard Wiseman’s Quirkology is probably my favorite episode of the Point of Inquiry podcast so far. (I’ve been listening to them all, catching up with the several year old series).

60-Second Science’s year-end episode Another Ellipse Around The Sun was quite pleasing.

How about a delicious cocktail or three after all that science?
Three in one with Chris McMillian of New Orleans’ episode on the Brandy Alexander and its siblings.

And lastly a book to recommend:
Did I tell you how great Annalee Newitz’s book Pretend We’re Dead: Capitalist Monsters In American Pop Culture is? Well, I loved it. Good, solid academic writing; serious horror movie fan geek cred. Perfect balance on an unlikely razor edge.

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