Unexpected Time Off

Tuesday night after dinner Joe and I were going to go over to Momi Toby’s cafe and do an hour or so of work to make our Wednesdays go better. Since it’s just round the corner I was carrying my laptop in my hands rather than in my backpack. On the bottom step I wasn’t paying close attention to my feet and slipped, twisting my ankle to the side sharply. Fortunately, I had my precious lovely 12" PowerBook in my hands and so without thinking, instead of putting my hand out to catch myself and probably breaking my wrist or something, I landed hard on the sidewalk on my ass. Let’s just say it’s good that baby’s got back; big bruise, but no lasting harm.

What was clearly not okay was my ankle. I lay still and had Joe bring me a big ice pack immediately so my foot could chill down while I assessed my condition without trying to stand. Clearly gonna be a bruise on my butt, yep. Scraped the right ankle a little falling, but doesn’t feel like any internal problem, okay. But that left ankle, not good. Big twist and I think there was a kind of a noise. On the bright side, a very cautious exploratory wiggle of the big toe hurts like hell on the top of the foot but doesn’t make me scream.

So into a cab, off to the ER and back home a couple hours later with a splint & crutches. Lay in bed or sat on the couch with my foot raised up on an ottoman all day yesterday. In the evening crutched my way verrrry carefully down the stairs for door to door delivery to & from Absinthe for a simply lovely anniversary celebration: their first cocktail pairing dinner.

This morning a follow-up appointment with the doctor to learn, yes, a break, but it’s more of a chip really and at this point I’m not going to damage it further provided I keep it elevated & let it heal for week. No going to work. My company doesn’t generally allow telecommuting (*sigh*) and if I can’t go to work I’m certainly not making the planned weekend trip to Vegas, so I’m suddenly and surprisingly faced with the next 5 days completely free except for the physical constraints.

We’ll see how I do at actually catching up on my reading and online projects, but prepare yourselves for more than the usual amount of blogging.

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