Movies! From Africa!

As part of my continuing project to get my stuff stored somewhere other than some musty backup folder on my computer, I’ve set up a Vimeo account.

You can see my latest films here:

At the moment these are a bunch of short clips from my African trip in November 2005, but if I understand the widget rightly it’ll update with whatever I subsequently load on there.

As of January 11, 2019, as part of proofing everything while migrating from Typepad to, I find that that chunk of Vimeo embed HTMl has not weathered the migration well. In trying to update it I found that thumbnail images for some of my videos were now frames from someone else’s videos. So weird. In fixing that I found Vimeo doesn’t store the original video upload date, or allow you to associate a creation date with a video, or really give it much of any useful metadata beyond title and description. Vimeo is ephemera. So, I’ll probably move these off Vimeo into my media library here on (assuming video is supported, which it must be, right?)

For the moment, here’s what that embed looked like on Typepad:

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