Gary Vaynerchuk & Wine Library TV

After seeing him speak in Kathy Sierra’s session at SXSW Interactive this spring and hearing the buzz about how much he opens wine up as a topic anyone can be knowledgeable on without being a snob, I decided to give the show a try sometime.

It’s a testimony to two things – my overall bias toward spirits & cocktail mixing and how stupid goddamn busy I’ve been since March – that I didn’t get around to it until last night.

He has a reputation for a great, approachable show, and being a bit fussy about liking to begin at the beginning I figured I’d go back to the first episode and put up with watching him work up to speed. They’re currently up around episode 500 so I thought this was a bold move when it comes to podcasts and might take lot of watching. Nope.

Episode #2, he’s clearly in stride, rockin’ the house, and I totally understand his reputation.

If you like wine and want to be smarter about which wines to drink and buy, check Gary Vaynerchuk out.

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