Great stuff from Craig Ferguson

We’re in agreement on this one, Craig & I.

I believe if you can vote, especially in a presidential election and especially this year, and you don’t, you’re a moron.

I’ll go one step further. How about if we made it a new rule that you can’t legally make the choice to drink unless you’ve done your part and voted?

Not competent enough to think about what you would or wouldn’t like to see happen with the most powerful job in the world for the next four years? Then, kid, you are not competent enough even for lite beer.

Also, let it be known throughout this great land that if you ever meet anyone who put in their vote for anything relating to some reality tv show or song contest or people’s choice award for hottest babe in America or the like and who did not vote in this presidential election but could have, you’re entitled to have them spayed or neutered so they can’t breed any more cretins. Thank you for doing your part.

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