Delicious science!

Here are some podcasts I've enjoyed lately:

NOVA scienceNOW's episode "Everything Bites" (3:58) Biologists can have verrry interesting day jobs…

Ockham's Razor's episode "H. floresiensis – where are we now?" (12:31) Nice review of the data & analysis so far about "The Hobbit".

Lots of good stuff from Scientific American's 60-Second Science:
"Life Origin Experiment Gets Better with Age"
"Brain Seeks Patterns Where None Exist"
"Rocks from Earth's Origins"
"Amateurs Help Pro Astronomers Sort Galaxies"
"Air Fresheners' Unlisted Ingredients"
"Google-Style Rankings for Ecosystems"
"Solar Powered Fuel Cells"
and I can't remember if I linked to this one, but it's great & a lot more likely to come true under a reality-based administration like Obama's:
"A Bill of Rights for Scientists"

Science @ NASA's episodes "NASA to Attempt Historic Solar Sail Deployment" (5:54) and a great overview in "The Oddball Hosts of Gamma-ray Bursts" (4:39).

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