San Francisco is the lightest-hearted, most pleasure-loving city in the Western continent.
–Will Irwin

[And also, I would say, the most insistent that our light-heartedness & love of pleasure be taken very seriously.]

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  1. My god, I doubt any statement could be more mistaken. San Francisco isn’t even in the same neighborhood as new orleans. Music, food, and good times is a religion in new orleans, even among hard times, even with a population that couldn’t be more different than san francisco (black and poor).
    San Francisco is a wonderful city, I’ve always enjoyed my visits. But in this area it can’t touch new orleans.


  2. I don’t quite see how thinking another city is more so, makes it *completely* untrue for San Francisco.
    I do agree tho’ re: New Orleans commitment to joy in all seasons of life. Not sure if Will Irwin ever went there (or indeed, to be frank, who Will Irwin is).


  3. Sorry if I came off strong. You’re right. Making black and white declarations isn’t a good thing. As I said, I love San Francisco. I also love New Orleans, and after going through so much I was a little taken back by an opinion that seemed so perfect for New Orleans. No harm intended.


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