Good girl, Pepper

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My mum’s dear dog Pepper is ill so, while staying near the computer to see if there’d be more news tonight, I looked through our family photos and found a few favorite images on Flickr.

This is one of the best.

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2 thoughts on “Good girl, Pepper”

  1. Sadly, Pepper continued to have grand mal seizures during the night, about once an hour and to be agitated & breathing hard between times. My mum stayed up, dozing in a chair when not holding the dear old girl, and then my dad stayed with her for a few more hours in the morning while my mum caught some solid sleep.
    Pepper is a border collie, over 14 years old, who’s had some health issues with dizziness over the past couple years, so we just don’t see her being able to recover from this. She’s clearly in some pain, though thankfully not as extreme as we’d initially feared before understanding what was happening when she stiffened up during the seizures, and so having her put to sleep seems the merciful thing to do.
    Please pet your furry friends and give them happy lives as long as they’re with you. The years are short, but their enthusiasm for good times is absolutely unreserved. Not a bad example to follow, especially when good times involve walks in the wood, sleeping by the fire, being near the people who matter to you, and eating tasty bits of cheese when offered.
    Good girl, Pepper. Good girl.


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