Eleven years.

Eleven years?! Holy cow. I've been writing this blog for eleven years. What a lovely time it's been! Wonder how the next eleven will be?

I believe I'll celebrate with a vacation near the ocean. See what little treasures the tide washes up…

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3 thoughts on “Eleven years.”

  1. Think of what has come in the past 11 years.
    11 years ago you pay-pal’d me a nickle. BTW: I owe you a nickle.
    11 years ago you told me that I should start bloging. Well I FB regularly, does that count?
    11 years ago 200MHz was fast. HAHAHAHAHAHA
    11 years ago e-commerce was a new idea that might not catch on. Now I have a MID/TID pair.
    When did 11 years become such a long time?


  2. Wow! Hey.
    Yeah, unreal amount of change & sameness all at once. How ya been, man?
    My 16GB deck-of-cards-sized computer that lives in my pocket oh and by the way also happens to be a telephone still blows my mind.
    Hee hee, the few, the proud, the people who know what a MID/TID pair is!


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