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  1. Dinah, I was told there was a person named Dinah Sanders in San Jose by Steve Storz. You may remember him from probably the 80’s or 70’s…
    I’m from San Jose also. Altho my name is no longer Dinah Sanders, I changed it back in the 80’s, it’s strange knowing someone with my name still lives in San Jose. My name Tsandi comes from Sanders…no one ever got Dinah right and my last name kept changing so I took the name Crew. But my birth certificate says Dinah Sanders!
    And I’ve been a tekki since the late 70’s. Started on a main frame. I could be your grandmother!
    And on and on….but I’m an illustrator. Glad to meet you. You live in a far different San Jose than I lived in when I left in 1964. IBM used to be 1/2 mile from where I lived south of town, and there were cow pastures where there are now houses.


  2. Hi Tsandi,
    You’re absolutely right about the spelling problem. Always struck me as quite odd given that the name is phonetic.
    San Jose is very different now than it was in the bucolic days – even in the 80s & 90s when I lived in the south bay (I’m in San Francisco now), there were still orchards interspersed among the car dealerships, strip malls, and tech centers.
    I do remember Steve Storz indeed. Wonderful artist! I’m trying to recall who has the piece I bought from him which was on exhibit at F/X for a long while. Maybe B.J. West? I had it at my bookstore in the mid-90s and then found it a loving home. Monday morning brain fade, it’ll come back to me…
    Thanks for stopping by!


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