Meetings Cost A Lot

I'm pleased to see that others have had the meeting cost calculator idea and done something about it.

Toby Tripp, Lydia Tripp, and Roy Kolak's Meeting Ticker has now been joined by Bring Tim.

Bring Tim
Every tech company I've ever worked with (except those run by Clemens Pfeiffer) has needed a device like this, but some need it more than others. Yes, you with the weekly hour-plus meeting attended by the CEO and three VPs, I'm looking at you.

(Thanks for linky goodness, Boing Boing!)

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2 thoughts on “Meetings Cost A Lot”

  1. Even though Clemens isn’t running the company anymore, our engineering meetings are still gemanicly efficient. Who knows, we may be in need of a techwriting librarian type soon. Growing from 2 to 4 in a year wasn’t bad, but from 4 to 16 in six months was wicked-fast. Sadly, no more cars. BTW: I blew your car up, sorry, it had a good 180kmile run before it died a horrid, steamy, up-hill death just north of the Coyote Creek golf course. While I still think Beetles look like they were designed by a 12-year-old girl with a protractor and yellow crayon, I miss the parkability and gas mileage.


  2. Glad to hear you’re spared terrible meeting pain!
    Ah, the lil’ ol’ yellow Beetles. Glad it got a good solid run of service. My grandmother still has fond memories of me taking her places in that car; she loved the high seat (I would raise it all the way up) and the handle on the inside that made it so easy for her to get in and out.


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