Away From *A* Keyboard

For the first time that I recall in many years I am at home without my computer. That is to say without all my memorized logins, auto-complete entries, documents and other files, and my full music collection. My MacBook is with the geniuses for a few days having two problems repaired which are not uncommon in white Macbooks: cracked keyboard surface along front edge and bulging battery. The latter was a new problem and prompted my finally letting it out of my hot little hands for the service period. That and Joe setting up a marvelous improved backup setup which improved my confidence.

But part of the reason I love the web and living in a geek household is that this is not really slowing me down. Using one of our other computers, I'm listening to music on Pandora and since most of what I do takes place in a browser anyhow, I haven't run up against any "oh, that has to wait for me to get my machine back" roadblocks.

Only one dumb mistake: should have sync'd OmniFocus with my phone so I'd have all my projects and to-do's. But really, am I going to run out of the obvious stuff so fast? Actually, this could be a benefit; it will steer me towards working on the most physically obvious tasks and that might mean our house and my desk are going to be a lot nicer by the end of the week.

Ahh, then Pandora pulls out of the aether a favorite song from an old album I only had on vinyl – "Rab's Last Woolen Testament" by Robin Williamson & His Merry Band – and I know everything will be just fine.


Update: Apple called back in four hours to say my computer was ready. !!! New battery, new keyboard, not just fixed but cleaned, and all no charge. Sometimes being a fangrrrl really does feel justified.

And then today I was dismissed from jury service immediately because they already had enough people. Woo! (Though I'm kind of disappointed because for the first time I actually have a flexible enough schedule to do it. Ah well, next year, perhaps.)

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