Bringing my public voice back to my own site

Over the years I've become more active in social applications, particularly Flickr and Twitter. This has brought me many great opportunities to connect with people, but has the side effect of leaving much of my public output on other people's websites, some of which have poor archive functionality.

That doesn't fit together well with the way I live on the web. My site is in its 13th year—and I've pushed its content backwards in my life to capture my pre-1998 personal history. That retro-blogging is an ongoing, but finite, project as I scan old souvenirs and photos, type in old journal entries, and otherwise convert physical materials to digital. At some point, I will have captured everything I kept.

How frustrating then, to be faced with digital creations which are not already integrated into this public story of my life. For more than a few years I've been slowly combing this scattered output back into my blog. What's problematic is that I've still been tweeting and posting to Flickr, creating new outlying content.

To my great relief, the growth of that problem has been stopped. On the recommendation of a friend (thanks, Ashley!), I checked out and I am delighted to report that it works great for automatically taking actions such as "When I tweet, also post it to my blog". Specifically, ifttt is detecting a new tweet and using Gmail to take advantage of Typepad's post-by-email function. (When I create a new post in Typepad and want to share it via Twitter, I turn off this ifttt task momentarily while I do so and thus avoid a duplicate entry.)

I'm also using this ifttt recipe to cause new pictures posted to Flickr to also post to my blog.

I'd like to have more control, but this is a great start. It's also having the great effect of bringing me back to my own blog because why not do a proper post instead of a Flickr upload or a tweet if that's where it's headed anyhow.

(Ifttt, specifically I want you not to strip the HTML so much; I could use class and links to good effect with the data you can pass through.)

(Typepad, specifically I want post-by-mail to accept the same data indicators as import, e.g., CATEGORY, EXTENDED ENTRY:, etc.)

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